Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ok, lets see.... i am going to try to keep this up on a regular basis, but regular is not me :p
I want to use this blog mostly to make a record of my crafting progress and achievements.  But, there will be personal notes thru-out as they affect my creative side one way or another. My latest endeavor is tatting, which i am finding to be a difficult activity to find materials for. Fortunately i have two Boye metal shuttles with extra bobbins and they work ok but i keep haning the thread up on the brackets that hold the hook on. :(  i would love to get a pair of Aero shuttles with a hook and extra bobbins and maybe a pair of Clover shuttles to see what they are like. I also need to get a set of tatting needles for thread since the main reason i started this is for my beading passion. I found a really neat beaded pattern for a tatted necklace with beads and decided to dig my shuttles back out and give it another shot. The last time i tried to learn it there was only one person i knew that did it and she was learning too. Unfortunately for me she didn't know any more than what she showed me and i was at a dead end. This time i have the internet and have found a rather large community of tatters there who have been very helpful. I also found an online class, for free, that has gotten me way past where i was the last time i tried this. I  think i like working with the shuttles the best but i haven't really had a chance to try the needles yet since i don't have any. I have been told that for working with beads the needle is much easier so i am thinking i should take the time to use the needle too.

Here are some pieces I made from the first lesson patterns. The little birds are done with #10 and #20 and i laid them out in the order that i did them in.

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